This weeks edition of The Arena was the best YHC has attended. We had 7 FNG’s and at the end of the workout, all of them could not be more thankful for and proud of what they had done.

The Thang..

Warmup in the Courtyard
SSH x 20
Standard Merkin x 20
Good Morning x 10

Mosey to the adjacent field

Up the hill: Run to 1st pole/ bearcrawl to 2nd pole/ run to 3rd pole
Plank and wait for all to finish

Mosey to Dorthea Dix campus

Burpee ladder
8-6-4-8 burpees

Mosey to office buildings

Peoples Chair-5 count down the line
Balls to the Wall- 3 count down the line
Peoples chair- 5 count down the line and then back

Mosey back to top of the hill

Jack Web 1:2 ratio/ made it to 8 merkins/16 arm raises

Mosey back to the Courtyard for Mary

LBC x 15
Flutter Kick x 15
Russian Hammer x 20


-At 2:30, Big Papi was the only man standing in the courtyard, but with a little encouragement and some minor taunting, we were able to get 7 more able bodies to join.
Dr. Who took some convincing to put down the jump rope and join the group, but by the end he was glad he did and seemed eager for the next workout
-Respect to Fischer who made it through the whole workout even with a hurt ankle. Strong.
Kramer looked like a hardened regular to F3 has he tackled the whole workout without complaint.
-TClaps to Paradise, who delayed his cigarette break to see what we had to offer. You could tell the former wrestler was an athlete, and was glad to have joined the group.
Le Don provided motivation throughout. He wanted the challenge and made it a point to push the group as well.
Flash admitted he wasn’t in the greatest shape but he was able to steadily plod along through the gauntlet. Strong work brother.
Wheels came out strong on the first run up the hill and admittedly gassed himself, but pushed through the rest of the workout. Hope to see him at the next edition.