What better way to see the sites of the Art Museum than with a group of F3 Pax?

The Thang:
Warm up with an Indian Run twice around the large parking lot.
Quick Feet on the curb x 20
Mini Jump Ups x 20
Windmills x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20
Quick Feet x 20
Mini Jump Ups x 20
Good Mornings x 15
Jog down to amphitheater:
Australian Pull-ups x 10
Prisoners Squats x 20
Bear Crawl down the amphitheater steps
Run up
Repeat x 2
Jog over to the masonry “Wall E” (Look at the Satellite View) for a walking Balls to the wall to the left
Jog down to pedestrian bridge at pond:
Dips x 20
Inclines x 15
Run up the hill past the giant concrete butt (Which by the way is spalling concrete like crazy. Should have used an air entrained mix design)
At the top:
Hello Dolly’s x 20
Reverse LBCs x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
Run back to the start and repeat circuit.
Balls to the wall walk to the right @ Wall “E”
Dips x 20
Declines x 10 @ Pedestrian Bridge
@ Top of the hill:
LBCs x 20
High Slow Flutter x 20
Bridge March x 15 each leg
Cannonballs x 20
Russian Hammers x 20
Jog back to parking lot
Pray for Cinderella’s sanity!