A fine misty morning at the Cougar with what looked to be a low fog off in the distance served as the setting for Turnpike’s first Q.

Warm up

Side Shuffle hop
Arm Circles(fwd & back)
Imperial Walkers (Q will work on his count and wording for warm up ­čÖé

The Thang
Headed to the Cougar field and split into 4 groups of 4, with each group starting 4 rotations around the perimeter of the football field from each of the 4 corners of the football field (marked with orange cones)
Rotations consisted of:
Run down sideline to the bench(about 50 yd line) 5 Dips in cadence in first rotation 10 dips 2nd & 3rd, 5 dips 4th
Continue run to end of field 2 burpees at cone;
Bear Crawl halfway across field to the small goals – use goals for pullups – 5count in all 4 rotations
Continue Bear Crawl to opposite corner – 2 Burpees at the Orange Cone
Run backwards back towards 50yd line to benches – 5 Dips in cadence in first rotation 10 dips 2nd & 3rd, 5 dips 4th
Continue Run Backwards to next corner – 2 Burpees at the Orange Cone
Last segment along the end of field was Lunges to the small Goal where we did 5 Jump Squats in 1st rotation, 10 in 2nd & 3rd rotation, and 5 in 4th rotation
Finish with lunges to the starting corner – and 2 burpees at the Orange Cone

All grouped back at starting point for a brief rest period where Homes decided to call out a 10 count of Merkins rather than a resting 10 count – maybe he wanted more burpees in the rotation?

With all groups back together did a 1/4 mile loop around the track…Indian run.

Then back to the paved front end of the field to finish up with Mary

Flutter Kick
Freddie Mercuries
LBCs (a few others which I was too winded to remember except for Spooky’s Reverse Burpees which we backwards crab walked to grass to do)

Welcome FNG – FlatLine!

Thanks to all for your support during my first Q – what a difference when your out in front of everyone!