PAX of 22 did the thing at Lourdes.  Started with a quick pass through the garage and around the block.  Let Vector Victor, Wendell Gee and others catch up.  Saw Yippy nearly flip his rig wheeling in on two wheels – a consistent two minutes late.  Back to the garage for warmup.

WarmUp – SSH X 20, Imperial Walkers X 20, Good Mornings X 15, Modified Nipplers X 10 (per side)

WarmerUp – Merkins X 20 and Squats X 20 (Repeat X 4)

The Thang – Partner Up w/ someone of similar speed.  Size doesn’t matter because we don’t partner carry at Lourdes – Thanks Blue Crush. Starting in the parking deck: Partner 1 runs to the stoplight while partner 2 runs to the greenway entrance.  Perform 5 Hindu Merkins and return to the garage.  Find your partner and perform 12 Partner Clap Merkins and 12 jump squats.  Switch directions and repeat but at each garage reunion perform 2 additional reps of the partner claps and jump squats.  Hindu Merkins remain at 5.  Finish at 22 reps.

The Finisher – Burpees X 10, Chilcutt hold for 5 count around the circle, Spiderman Merkins X 12, Jump lunges X 30, Inchworm X 16, Hindu Merkins X 20, Heels to Heaven X 20, Jump Squats X 20, Freddies X 20, Face Crusher Merkin X 10.

Modified Mary – partner leg throws and partner heels to hands

Announcements – signup for F3 dinner at Healing Transitions for May 17, you can sign up on the F3 website and check twitter.  Haven House has a fundraiser scheduled for May 22 at Trophy.  Noon start and cornhole tournament.  Q-school is May 15 at Carroll Middle.  Somebody please sound off with time.

Bull Horn took us out.

Attached, enclosed, however it shows on this post is a youtube music video.    Good song period.  Great rainy day music.  Enjoy.