Welcome to Round 2 of the Ma Bell Double Shot. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, YHC thought we’d study world history and tour the pyramids. OK, that’s a stretch, but just bear with me here. 12 PAX gathered in the gloomiest of gloom this morning with several tales of “I almost fartsacked” and “it was hard getting up this morning.” Time to wake up then! Follow me up the parking lot, onto the trail through the woods, and up the main park road to the bottom of the hill leading up to the USA Baseball parking lot. Circle up.


10 Burpees OYO
15 Sir Fazio Arm Circles (forward and reverse) IC
20 Merkins (5 standard, 5 fingertip, 5 knerkins, 5 diamond)
20 Plank Jacks
15 Mountain Climbers
10 Good Mornings

That was the first pyramid, and y’all didn’t even know it

The Thang

Backwards run up the hill to the corner of the large USA Baseball parking lot. Beaker remarked that this was not helping to relieve the soreness from the squat pulses at Round 1 of the Ma Bell Double Shot yesterday.

Corner 1 / Pyramid 1
Squat Pulses (1 squat pulse, stand up, 2 squat pulses, stand up…up to 10, then back down). Apparently, YHC skipped 4.

Karaoke the length of the parking lot to the next corner

Corner 2 / Pyramid 2
Curb Merkin Pyramid (5 Irkins, 10 curb merkins – 1 one arm and leg on, the other arm and leg down, 15 dirkins, 10 curb merkins – opposite arm and leg on, 5 irkins) OYO. Plank hold when done.

Backwards run to the 3rd corner past the dirt pyramid

Corner 3 / Pyramid 3
Captain Thor Pyramid (ascending number of Big Boy Sit-Ups followed by 4x American Hammers). I think we went up to 7 and back down. Brutal. Did we skip 4 again?

75% to the other end of the parking lot

Corner 4 / Pyramid 5
Merkin Pyramid (Ascending number of merkins followed by a 5 count hold). We went up to 5 and back down

AYG back to original corner

Corner 1 / Pyramid 5
LBC Pyramid (asencing number of LBCs, holding for 5 count on the up). Up to 10 and back down. We did 6 twice on the way up. Oh well…

Follow me back down path, through the woods, back to parking lot where the cars were to back of BFT. Wait, what those pavers doing there? Everyone grab 2 and circle up.

1st Paver Pyramid – Holding them both out in front, arms straight:

  • 5 curl-ins 4-count IC
  • 10 arm raises 4-count IC
  • 15 side arm sweeps 4-count IC
  • 10 arm raises IC
  • 5 curl-ins IC

Put your pavers down and follow me over to the shelter for, for lack of a better name, the Shelter Pyramid (OYO)

  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 15 Irkins
  • 20 Derkins
  • 15 Irkins
  • 10 Box Jumps

Followed by:
20 Dips IC (just because)

Follow me back to over to the original parking lot to the pavers for the 2nd Paver Pyramid. This time starting with arms out to the side, arms straight:

  • 5 curl-ins 4-count IC
  • 10 side arm raises 4-count IC
  • 15 double paver golf swings 4-count IC
  • 10 side arm raises IC
  • 5 curl-ins IC

Put your pavers back in the truck and circle up on your sixes for


  • 10 Hello Dollies
  • 10 Box Cutters
  • 6″ leg hold with 10 count around the circle


Count-o-rama: 12
Name-o-rama: 2 Respects, 1 Hate, 9 Mehs
Announcements – 12 May: Pig Pickin’ (McCants has details); 15 May: Q School (Carroll Middle); 17 May: 2nd F / 3rd F Event at Healing Transitions; 21 May Military Run (Calli has details)
Prayer Requests: Ana; Earhart’s Dad’s Army Buddy passed away; YHC’s neighbor with breast cancer; Callahan’s in-laws relocation

Ma Bell took us out

NMS (just to get us started; Calli will follow with the real one in the comments)

  • It was again a pleasure to lead a group of men who were willing to work. And work we did.
  • Welcome to Cary Kim Jung Still (KJS). YHC has been trying to get him to leave the Republic of Chapel Hill to post in Cary for some time now
  • Beaker indicated he would have fart-sacked today but didn’t want YHC to think he had gotten the better of him in Round 1 yesterday. And you know that’s exactly what I would have thought too. Well played, Beaker.
  • YHC admittedly flubbed up the pyramid counts a few times. It felt….Burt-ish. Must be the 50 thing. But hey, I don’t look a day over 49
  • Earhart got his name right!