Tropical storm Karen was spitting on us as we gathered in the gloom.  VSF was planted as we gathered in the light of a street light.  Monster Biscuit, who had been out of commission for a while, returned to the PAX, ready for some fun.  With the Mule still in his heart, and working on his joints, YHC decided to do things a little differently, just to help his body survive.  When the appointed time came, the Mutiny began.


Run the soccer field track and return to the parking lot.  Side Straddle Hops x 26, Imperial Walkers x 25, Windmills x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way.

Shuffle to the Building for Balls to the Wall x 30, People’s Chair x 50, Kim Jong Un Marching Crabs x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20.

Find some grass for Mary part 1: American Hammers x 30, Hello Dolly x 30, LBCs x 30.

A short saunter to the Playground for The Run Around: one member of the PAX runs back to the parking area, circles the turnaround, does 3 burpees in the pavilion and rejoins the group – while the rest of the PAX does an AMRAP of a given exercise, rotate through until all have done the run around, then change the exercise and do it again.  Exercises: Swing Set Decline Merkins, Squat Jumps, Pull Ups.

Mary Part 2: Cannon Balls x 30, V-Ups x 20, Freddy Mercury x 30

Head back to the Main Parking Lot for a Plank-O-Rama with: High Plank x 25, Putin x 20, Sarkozy x 20

Tempis Fugit.  With a quick prayer we left the field of battle and entered the world.


Great work done by the PAX.  Wonderful to see Monster Biscuit return.  TClaps for everyone for hanging in there while I stumbled and bumbled in my post-Mule recovery state.  There’s a lot of #sadclowns in Southern Wake County.  We need to give them the EH, so they can escape the plastic fern and breathe real air.  You know what F3 means to you.  It’s time to share it.