Four (4) PAX braved the threat of heavy rain and pushed it at Zero Hour — few counts, little rest, great work.  The rest of the Zero Hour faithful undoubtedly got in some deserved recovery time after The Mule and will be ready to go when our fearless leader returns.   

The Thang:

Myrtle leads/brings it….

Started with a brisk run around the park.  Warm up of 20 side shuffle hops, 10 can’t think of the name, 10 count plank calf stretches, 10 count hamstring stretch.  Suicides between the light poles – Lunge down to 1st pole, run backwards, sprint to 2nd pole, run backwards, sprint it out to 3rd pole.  Next was a series of LeBron’s.  Started in Akron with prisoner style 2 leg hop up the cement bleachers, then 10 derkins, then same style left jumps, 10 derkins, then same style right jumps, 10 derkins, then 1 leggers, both left and right.  King David gimme a 10 count on that one!  Jog to baseball field for speed ladder du-jour.  Quick feet through ladder, 20yd sprint, then lateral shuffles through 4 point cone zone, 20yd sprint, 20yd lunges, 20yd bear crawl, 20yd jog, then start it over with no break.  3 reps of this bear.  Finished up with some quick feet ups and downs for a few minutes like we did in middle school football.

Myrtle passes the torch to Munson.  The goal — hit body parts that aren’t sore from The Mule (are there any?).

Jog to playground.  Pullups (10x), Dips (20x), Pullups (7x), Dips (20x), Chinups (7x), Dips (20x).

Jog to parking curbs.  Calf Extensions (20x), Quick Feet (20x) — 3x.

Jog to tennis court.  Traditional Suicide, People’s Chair Recovery, Traditional Suicide.

Jog to handicap rail.  Austrian Pullups (15x), Dips (15x), Austrian Pullups (10x), Dips (15x), Austrian Pullups (10x), Seated Dips (15x).

Sprint up the hill; then jog to picnic tables.

Jump Ups (20x), Incline Merikens (20x), Dips (15x) — 2x.

Mary: Russian Hammers (25x), LBCs (25x), Freddy Mercury (25x):


The PAX shared their favorite parts of the weekend/The Mule.  King David particularly liked the opportunity to chuck water balloons at his fellow PAX (Munson’s least favorite). Wonk had a daddy-daughter dance at his church, and Myrtle ran a race and got in quality family time with his niece. 

2nd F at World of Beer this Thursday. 

3rd F dinner on November 12.  

T-Claps to Myrtle and his first lead.  He brought the pain right out of the gate with a “brisk” run around the park and never let up.  Nicely done.