After a long hot summer, the gloom returned to The Crick Wednesday morning.  Seven brave PAX posted in the dark,rain and cool 55 degree temp.  For those that have been Crick regulars, the rain  was a welcome return and a reminder of the starting days where every workout involved a level of weather related misery.

The Thang:

Mosey to School Entrance

SSH x 30

Windmills slow x 10

Half windmills double time x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

Sir Fazio arm circles = 15


Merkins x 15

Imperial walkers x 15

Mosey to basketball court

Mini Arc-loader

Bear Crawl to corner

Burpees x 5

Side step to corner

Merkins x 10

Crab walk to corner

Star-fish jumps x 15

Sprint home

2 Minute max rep merkins (harder than it sounds)

Repeato the Mini-arc loader

2 minute max rep air squats

Mosey to service court

Spider man up railing

Bear crawl down

Peoples chair

Balls to the wall 5 counts

Spider man up

Bear crawl down

People’s chair

Balls to the wall 5 counts

Two lap relay

Each team mate takes a lap while other team mate does LBC’s

Max reps with each team mate making two laps

Mosey to the parking spaces

Marathon suicides – touch each line over a twelve spot parking lot.


Freddie Mercury x 20

LBC x 20

WWII x 15

Jazzercise left and right 15 each

Merkin hammers x 30



Announcements: Two Launches this week – Quickhatch on Saturday morning 9/27 at Brier Creek Community Park 6:15 AM. Bring a ruck or we have loaners.  Sister group of FIA launching officially at 8:15 at Brier Creek Community Park.

Prayers: For all those effected by the tragic loss of Cary Teen in the car accident.  For the F3 guys on IR.

YHC took us out.