Over 200 posts, at least 15 Q’s, $300+ spent @ridgewood #giftcard during 2nd F’s, two 3rd F events, one mud-run, a completed Shaggy challenge and a Christmas party. Being a cheap bastard, YHC got his money’s worth after walking into the gloom of True Grit exactly 1 year ago. Tclaps Duff, Shaggy and Macgrueber for the EH. Maize, Friar Tuck, Cinderella, Bob Villa, Steroid and Chong-Li tclaps for making YHC immediately feel welcome even though YHC had no idea what your handles were for 3 months. Orwell, Howard and Fazio for showing YHC how a man or real faith walks daily. Johnny Utah for throwing YHC under the bus for an impromptu first Q and Costco for volunteering YHC for anything and everything. YHC could name 100’s of PAX who had an impact on YHC over the last 365 days. YHC is truly grateful for all of F3 nation.

366 days ago, YHC didn’t know there were holes in his life. Being a former D1aa football player and the son of a Recon Marine YHC thought he had his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith shit together and prided himself in his stoicism. The PAX filled the football field and locker room void YHC was missing. The faith was always in the background, has grown and moved to the front and continues to move forward. YHC is now 3rd, a work in progress and loves it.

That’s just the beginning. YHC’s true love for F3 comes from being able to pass along this power of F3. The selfless sharing of F3 is what sets it apart. Most things we find valuable we hold tight for fear that someone else will discover it and take it from us. But like HIS love for us, the power of F3 is infinite and must be shared. As members of the PAX we know this and gain even more by sharing. YHC looks on with pride when a PAX he EH’ed Q’s the PAX or asks for a Prayer request. The job and growth is not finished and if you couldn’t tell YHC is excited for his second year.

YHC was also excited to share his Anniversary Q with the PAX of 13.


Warm up: Gmorning x 15, Imp walker x 15, Merkins x 15 and Mtn climber x 15

YHC calls for a headcount while he runs to the Zimamobile to pull a 40 pd kettle bell from the back. Indian run passing the kettle-bell down the line up the hill to the upper parking lot. At this time Shaggy voices his disappointment that the Zima Kegs did not join us for the workout.

Once the PAX turns the corner into the parking lot 6 five gallon Zima kegs greet the PAX. Time to celebrate. Partner up for

Partner 1 AMRAP called Keg exercise while partner 2 completes cardio misison. Plank till PAX finished.

Round 1: Keg Squats and parking lot suicide
Round 2: Keg Curls and parking lot suicide
Round 3: Keg Dead-lifts and bearcrawal
Round 4: Keg Carry and broadjumps
Round 5: Keg Burpees and parking lot suicide
Round 6: Keg Shoulder and parking lot suicide
Round 7: Keg Triceps and crab walk
Round 8: Keg bent over rows and parking lot suicide.

Fiddler pointed out that Duff and Ron Mexico had the lightest keg due to forced leakage.


Then partner keg race. Carry keg with Partner down hill to green-way. Stop for keg merkins and keg planks. Grab keg with partner and run to bottom of hill for peoples chair with american hammer. Run up hill and sprint to parking lot.

American Hammer x 40, Dying cockroach x 10, LBC x 30, 6 inch leg hold 7 count around circle.

Finish and pass out.


-Duff let the PAX know about YHC’s 1 year in F3.
-YHC shared his first post stories.
-Many prayer requests were shared.
-Cheerie Berry led us out in style.