8 posted at the DZ this morning for some football training in the gloom. It’s football season and some of our favorite teams have not been fairing as well as we would like, so YHC thought we’d share some training tips with them. Each PAX carried a football during the entire workout and YHC dared anyone to fumble.

DID YOU KNOW? NFL kickers use a special ball during games called a K-ball. Same size, same weight, they are just allowed to scuff it up a bit differently.

The Thang

Jog around parking lot with butt kickers part way.
SSH x 20
Football good mornings x 15
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20
Moutain Climbers on the ball
Quick feet with ball tucked in arm
Paint the lines (with ball) including sprint, side shuffle, back-pedal

Mozey to picnic shelter for:
Ball merkins (right hand x 10, left hand x 10)
Split squats (with ball – one foot on bench) x 10 each leg
Diamond ball derkins x 10
Alternating L/R ball merkins (switch hands each time) x 10

Recovery jog to the trail overlook:
Plank jacks on ball x 15
L/R step-ups carrying ball x 15
Dips (touch butt to the ball) x 15

Robert Plant the trail stairs. At top:
Ball burpies x 10
Squats w/ ball overhead x 25

Proceed to bridge for:
Lunge walk across with torso twist (carrying ball)
Back pedal across bridge (carrying ball)
Backward groan stretch across bridge (carrying ball)

Causual jog to Smurf Island for Mary:
Partner WWII situps x 20, passing ball to partner each time
Freddie Mercury with ball under head x 15


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– Mule Run – Oct 25.
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