Shovel flag planted for PAX of 6 just before dawn at NC Museum of Art, hours before the crowds show up. Nothing fancy or showy, we show up to push ourselves and each other that’s all.

The Thang:

Run the Blue Loop…stop for first set of 11s with Knee-Ups and Merkins

Run the Blue Loop…stop for second set of 11s with Squats and Carolina Dry Docks

Run the Blue Loop….stop for thrid set of 11st with Burpees and Star Jumps

Jog to top of amphitheater

Plank-0-Mama : (rolled straight into next exercise each time) Mountain Climbers x 15, High Plank Hold x 15, Chilcutt Hold x 15, Peter Chilcutt x 15, Low Plank Hold x 15, High Plank Hold x 15, Plank Jacks x 15, Decliners x 15, Sarkozy x 20, Putin x 20, High Plank Hold …. recover

Jog to bottom of Amphitheater

Up & Down : 5 Dips, jump to next step, 5 Irkins….repeat to the top. 5 Derkins, step down, 5 Dips….repeat to the bottom.

Jog to cinder block wall

Wallwork: Scale each all up and over….only made it over 3 as it became clear this activity was becoming hazardous. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Run up steps to wall

People’s Chair x 30, Balls to the Wall x 25….moved on once we discovered we were under a bunch of pigeons #selfexplanatory #wasntraining

Find a spot on the bench: 15 Jump Ups, Irkins x 10, One Armed Merkins L&R x 5, French Dip x 25

Plank Walk up the Rails, stop at top…..merkins x 20 on the rails.

Slow Count LBC x 35

COT & that is all

Naked Moleskin:

NO WHIPLASH NEXT SATURDAY. Safe travels to the Leatherneck participants.

-There were squeaky shoes among the bunch, reminded PAX of the Nike basketball commercial with Jason “White Chocolate” Williams in the ’90s. Museum of Art offers a great sunrise view, we were treated to a special red dawn during the CDD set of 11s. Many more ahead at The Judge & Whiplash as daylight moves through the year, come check it out.

-Master Builder took us out in prayer, well done. Good seeing him try out some various workout options. Sunshine rode in just in time to park and lock.

-T-claps to Countrywide & Duff for their work with the Healing Place, they had 26 FNGs yesterday afternoon at The Arena. Turns out a time change was the right call for the residents, hate that I wasn’t there as I’m sure those who were will never forget it. Awesome.

-T-claps to White Shoe, Chong Li, MacGruber & Costco for making the trip to help get F3 Richmond off the ground. Safe travels home guys.

-Prayers for the safe arrival of Sampler & MSampler’s first born as they went to the hospital last night. Yo-Yo is going to be an uncle, now he can feel old for a change. Prayers for the Orwell family as his father appears to be close to entering eternal life, blessings for a peaceful entry.

-Only a couple of posts in Raleigh this week which felt weird but in ways is needed to maintain good health too. 2.5 years of 4-6 posts a week takes a toll which isn’t surprising but it is a reminder that we want to take care of ourselves so we can be in gloom for years to come.