Red Barchette

“Red Barchette”

It was the magnificent 7 that made it out on this cold morning a few hours after the super bowl parties concluded. I think a few people had the Super Bowl hangover…I know I did!

The Warm-Up
Good Morning (x15), Windmill (x15), SSH (x15), Imperial Walkers (x15), merkin (x20), mountain climbers (x20), plank jacks (x20).

Partner Chase
Partner 1 begins in parking lot with 5 merkins and 10 star jumps while Partner 2 jogs ahead. Once Partner 1 is finished with star jumps, he sprints to catch Partner 2 and Partner 2 begins exercises while Partner 1 jogs ahead. Repeat until 2 laps around the park are complete (squat hold at finish).

Red Barchette
After partner chase, mosey on to the upper fields by the oak trees for a Red Barchette routine. Just so happens I am a huge Rush fan so I had to incorporate this into the workout: from starting point and OYO, run to 5th tree for 100 SSH and return; run to 4th tree for 75 mountain climbers and return; run to 3rd tree for 50 lbc’s and return; run to 2nd tree for 25 merkins and return; run to 1st tree for 10 burpees and return (squat hold). Then, Partners complete a Dora series by running to the same 5th tree and back, while completing 100 merkins, 200 lbc’s, and 300 jump squats together. Plank workout for earlier finishers.

Mosey back to parking lot to perform 2 sets of dips and step up (30 reps each OYO) on the low wall. Then circle up in parking lot for 50 lbc’s and 50 American hammers in cadence….then have a nice day!

Thanks for everyone coming out for my first Q!

Mustard Chili Onions

QIC: Mustard, Chili, Onions
Workout Date: 02/07/17
The PAX: Vortex, Man Crush, Lil' Ryan, Soul-Glo, Apu, Western Stranger

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