Posted on behalf of Velvet

Shovel flag planted in the Laurel Hills parking lot for some rare cool summer gloom. Perfect day for a maiden Q. 18 PAX ready to go. The disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang

Warm Up – Lap around the parking lot, then make our way over to the baseball field beside the basketball courts. Circle up in right field. With Carlos Rodon’s current ERA at 18.00 maybe he should hit the field at 5:45am too??!

SSH x 25

Good Mornings x 15

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8 in each direction Merkins x 15

Line up on the Right Field line side shuffles (butt down, do not let feet touch and move fast) to Center Field – 5 burpees, side shuffles opposite direction to Left Field line – 20 merkins, balls to the wall till everyone is done, 10 count and recover.

Karaoke to CF 5 burpees reverse direction Karaoke to RF, 20 prisoner squats, then people chair till everyone is done, 10 count and recover.

High leg skips to CF 5 burpees High Leg Skips to LF, 20 merkins, then balls to the wall till everyone is done, 10 count and recover.

Backwards run to CF 5 burpees, sprint to RF, 20 merkins, peoples chair, recover on the run to wooden wall near the playground.

Dips x 16

Jump Ups x 20

Dips x 16

Left Right Step Up x 20

Head over the small grassy hill behind the wall. Bear crawl up frontwards and down backwards, then up the hill backwards and down frontwards.

Mosey over to the rock pile grab a rock – they varied in size… Tricep extensions x 15 Overhead press x 12 Pass your rock to the left.

Lunge walk to the bottom of hill while curling the rock Exchange rocks Lunge walk with rock held high in the right arm, switch to left arm half way back. Cinderella’s original rock now in my hands was so heavy I needed two hands the entire way.

Curls x 15 and return the rocks

Mosey over to the basketball courts for a strong finish. Partner up. Partner 1 – runs suicides, stopping at the three hoops. Partner 2 does Merkins, then LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s (Cinderella’s call – was expecting burpees to finish it off) – AMRAP


Running short on time – 6 inch leg hold with a 5 count around the circle


Naked Moleskin:

New workout starting 8/12 5:45am at Our Lady of Lourdes – Lourdes of Discipline

2nd F The Alley – 8/14 7-9pm. Sign up!!

Informal 2nd F Friday at Meredith College – Prayers for Hushpuppy and Orwell’s family Cinderella took us out in prayer – nice work. Great work today men – feel fortunate to lead.