The shovel flag was planted, the disclaimer bypassed and then 10 Pax hit the streets of BEEUUUTiful downtown Cary for a little sumpin’ sumpin’. YHC (sporting a fresh Martinsville Speedway tank) can’t count to 80 and so we opted for Pandora’s 80’s Cardio (I want to be like Epoxy) to travel with us this very nice morning. Joining us this am was Marky Mark, Pat Benatar, Men at Work, Vanilla Ice, Rick Springfield, Journey, Bon Jovi (he ain’t buying the Bills), AC/DC, Kenny Loggins….as I type this BB I am watching Footloose just to keep it real.

Jog over to the town square. Circle up around the crazy rooster piece of art.
Merkins, High Knees w/a SSH, Mountain Climbers, Fazio Arm Circles, King David Kicks, SSH – All x 20

Jog across the tracks to the street by town hall
40 yard sprint, high knees back, 40 yard sprint, butt kickers back, 40 yard sprint, karaoke back
Jog to the “pocket park” behind the historic Page-Walker Hotel
Almost 11’s in the Park
Burpees on one end, dips on the other….bear crawls, crab walks, lunge walks, sprints in betweem
YHC called an audible ¾ way through (did not want to mess up the Cary Grass) and we circled up for a little plank-a-rama
Circle up. Regular Plank with a 10 count around, right arm up with a 5 count around, left arm up 5 count around.
Star Jumps x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, Sumo Squats x 20 and Air Squats x 20
Head to the wall again for incline merkins x 20 and alternating left right step ups x 20
Jog back to town and circle up around the flag pole for a little…the heck with Mary…and little Jack Webb for a 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10. We read Cee-Lo is Miranda Rights and went straight to COT.

Namarama, prayers lifted and we were closed out by Ma Bell.
Always a blast to lead you dudes.