As usual, your QIC did not sleep well the night before his Q. Still showed up early to survey the remaining snow for any last minute tweaks…not too bad. The snow had derailed the QIC from workouts in the prior two weeks. It was good to get back at it with a Q in the morning gloom. On to the THANG.

Run path around field
Mountain Climbers
Good Mornings
Imperial Walkers
Fazio Arm Circles

merkins, jump squats, buprees, lap around parking lot
5, 5, 1, 1
10, 10, 5, 1
15, 15, 8, 1
20, 20, 10, 1
25, 25, 13, 1

At Picnic Tables
3 cycles
Alternating LR Step-Ups
1st cycle – Finish Balls to Wall 15 seconds then 2 inch Virkins
2nd cycle – Balls to the Wall 60 seconds in cadence
3rd cycle – 10 count ’round the horn

One lap around path again…Indian style

Low Slow Flutter
Slow Freddy Mercury
WorldWar II Sit-Ups
Chill-cut hold – 10 count ’round the horn
Chill Peter Parkers
…Counting by the PAX became non-existent at the end of Chill Peter Parkers so with a minute left, QIC thought he would wrap it up…but ManRam stepped it up and requested Merkin Hammers. Funny thing, QIC had Merkin Hammers on his notes marked…”a lot”. So the PAX did just that…
…Merkin Hammers – a lot

See at the bottom…
…haha the notes do not always match the workout…not too bad this time.


3/7 F3 Raleigh Three Year Anniversary Convergence at Pullen
3/15 Q school

Overdraft took us out in prayer