YHC arrived with minutes to spare before Monday’s Disabled List workout. Upon exiting his vehicle and heading towards the McAlister’s Deli Fountain to check the readiness of that area, YHC encountered a confused Cornholio making his way towards the AstroTurf in the opposite direction….”Where are you going Dice?” Dice: “The Fountain”. Cornholio:”Did you change the meet up site again?”. Dice: “Uhmn no…I’m checking the fountain for…. never mind, you don’t want an explanation….for me…I’m too wordy…I see you at the Turf in 2 minutes”. And that was good enough for Cornholio to mosey towards the Turf.

Thankfully the Turf was cleared of snow (and ice) but still quite wet…. so Q decided no ground and pound on the Turf…we’d eventually head down to the Target Vestibule for dry ground….

7 Pax on hand to start off the workout with Tin-Cup rolling in as the 8th while Dice finished the Disclaimer… Man, that guy is efficient with his time 🙂

(Welcome Back) Kotter’s were offered to Dutch Boy by Orwell…. DB last posted several months ago(Dice believes)…. No Epstein’s Mother was offered up by DB…. probably just as well…he’d only be heckled for it. If this is jibber jabber to you, try reading up on your F3 lexicon….

F3 Disclaimer Given along with the Recovery Road Disclaimer…. if you don’t know it by now…check prior BB posts and read the spiel.

Good start to the week here…. It’s 10:00 AM and my delts and lats are still fired up from the irkins, merkins and derkins, oh my.

AstroTurf: Dice Standard Warm Up
25x SSH, slow pace (2 per 4 count cycle – 50 reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10X Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, Neck Roll / Reverse
20x Prisoner Squat Stretch

15 Q Count Standing leg/leg stretch and switch
15 Q Count Plank Calf Stretch and switch

25x SSH, Fast Pace (2 per 4 count cycle -50 reps)

McAlister’s Deli Fountain:
20x Irkins (Studs 2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
12 x Dips
12x Derkins
20x Alternating Left / Right Step-up
10 Q Count

20x Irkins, Wide Grip (studs 2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
12x Dips
12X Derkins, Wide Grip
20x Alternating Left / Right Step-up
10 Q Count

20x Irkins, Diamond (I don’t think we had anyone double up here)
12x Dips
12x Derkins, Diamond (This was rough)
20x Alternating Left ? Right Step-Up

Mosey down to the Target Vestibule – nice and dry:
Modfied Dirty McDeuce:
Legs, Arms, Core, Core

12x Prayer Squat
12x Standard Merkin
12x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 24 reps)
12x Freddie Mercury

12x Prisoner Squat
12x Wide Grip Merkin
12x American Hammer
12x Low Slow Flutter

12x Sumo Squat
12x Diamond Merkin
12x R. LBC
12x BoxCutter

12x Squat Jump
12x Carolina Dry Dock
6 Inch Leg Hold – 15 count by Pax around the circle….what was the Q thinking…15 count per person in the circle… starting with Tiger Beat…who counted off what had to be at least a 3 sec per number …45 sec hold at the start. Bastard. Dice will remember…..
12x Dying Cockroach (Azul’s call)

Cornholio’s 8 Count Man Maker til fail…..Cornholio took second with 24. Tiger Beat stopped at 26. (Dice was out after 7)

Convergence March 7th, Pullen Park. Original workout starts at 6:00. Real workout follwos at 6:45. No other workouts this Saturday.

The Forum: Bible Discussion led by Friar Tuck and Grady. Panera Bread on Six Forks near Strickland / Whole Foods. Mondays at 12:00 Noon.

Prayer Requests:
Azul’s Wife lost her mother the weekend before last.

Dutch Boy’s Father-In-Law diagnosed with cancer last week.

Yukon Cornelius, wife and family.

Orwell and Tiger Beat family matters.

Orwell took us out.