YHC is excited to see new faces at GTR (GettintheRuns), thanks Pickin for the abbreviation.  YHC and others wanted to host a Q school to explain concepts and make sure everybody is on the same page.  YHC was pumped to see the rain didn’t keep away some PAX as the parking lot started to fill up but found only veterans of F3 filling the lot. YHC decided to go ahead and go through the review and also to find what works best for them with the PAX.  Darby released the hound and we were up and running.


The Thang:
Warm up: Jogging butt kickers, jogging high knees, solider kicks, open gate hip stretch walking each 1 lap

Indian Run to White Deer (explained that we need to make sure we keep the PAX tight and sprint around to keep all paces together).

With the increased rain YHC decided on 11’s under the shelter while we discussed central points of the F3 workout.

11’s: Foot release squats and Derkins

Dora 123 next with (100 Lunges, 200 LBC’s, 300 bench Dips) We were convinced that Darby and Labrat were taking their sweet time so we would get a good tricep burn!

Scout run to Lake Benson with trusty Roxy by our side with continued discussion on concepts of the F3 workout.

JAILBREAK with Pickin N Grinning Busting out for the W today with Bubble wrap nippin at his heels.
YHC wanted to review cadence 1 more time with some SSH (x20)

BOM: Prayers for Labrat and his family (Grandpa with Cancer) and (Uncle with Stroke)
Praise for Pickin N Grinnin: Niece doing much better and out of the hospital, lungs still healing.
Prayers for Stretch’s West Coast Family (Cousin had emergency C section for 26 week old and her  husband t boned on the way to hospital and now also has a broken back.
Continued prayers for Ben.

Announcements: F3 South Wake T-shirts sale currently going on get some to support your F3 brother.


Main Points of emphasis today during Q school

– Challenge all Levels at the same time (Not over the top hard, not to easy), Manage your Mustangs and your Clydesdales. (Use of 4 corners, AMRAP’s, Dora 123 very helpful)

-Prepare your workout-look up Lexicon, be ready to be flexible based on the PAX that shows

– Well Balance workout (Brief dynamic warm up, cardio, strengthening, core)
– Site specific workouts (Kettlebell, gear, running, rucking, etc)
– KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid): Don’t have increased down time to explain complicated exercise

Format of Instruction:
1. Next exercise is:
2. Starting Position…….Move
3. In Cadence(or OYO or On my down)………Exercise!
Use inflection of your voice to let the PAX know to stop (Halt!)
Recover (if you want)

Reduce down time with plankarama, Extra work, Run back for the six.
FNG Disclaimer
Post Workout COT, BOM

STRETCH OUT! Be awesome today.