Solid stair beat down has been well overdue and we had 17 #HIM including 3 on the EC – Db, M4L and 187 for a 2 mile run, Breathtaker in play for Sausage Party, Crablegs inspiring us all, Puddles venturing a little southside and a couple guys starting to get hooked Big Box and Lip Stick.

PAX gathered in the gloom and headed out on the jog around the lot for a w/u lap, returned to start and did the following ICx10: SSH, Imperial Walkers/Hillbillies, Moroccan Night Clubs.

Stepped over to playground for a quick upper body burn out. Half PAX on wall for tempo dips, half on tempo merkins with 3 sets all on the 10 count.

Indian Run long way around to the stairs. Broke up in 2 groups for accountability for a set of 11s. 10 star squat jumps up top, run down stairs for 1 burpee down below. Head back upstairs for 9 star squat jumps and back down for 2 burpees. Wash, rinse, repeat until number reversed.  This gave us 10 ups on the long stairs, confirmed by strava.

Recover on the jog back to starting lot for MARY with plank-o-rama including a limit to a 5 count for called exercise.

Count was 17 #HIM


Announcements: Nemo open house ugly sweater party Saturday night. Sleeveless Fri 0500. Crazy Ivan with Nemo Q Fri 0530. Banana Seat has your Q for Cletus 0545 at Womble. Ongoing shirt order remains open. Shirt in the works for Wrightsville. Keep chipping in for the ALS fundraiser as we move close to current $4k goal.

Prayer Requests: all unspoken

COT as Q took us out in prayer