5:45 departure time, 6 PAX stretching.

CK: Where is Big Sproles, he has shown up every Monday

PAX: No idea

CK: Lets wait 2 minutes

* Floppy Disk and Conroy roll in

CK: 2 minutes are up, no Big Sproles?

PAX: No idea

CK: OK, lets get moving

* Then we hear the rumble of the truck, Big Sproles whips a U-Turn into a parking spot as if he were driving a mini cooper, not a full size Dodge truck, hops out and brings the real enthusiasm F3 is made of.


At 79 degrees, high humidity and no air flow inside the trees, the run was rough.  Ben Johnson (our own version of Mark Hall), could not be seen by anybody else a mile into the run, he really is that fast.  After we regrouped at 2.5 miles (34 minutes into the run, probably 27 for Ben Johnson), we hoofed over the bridge and headed up the last mile, mostly uphill.

Today we finished off at 46:23, not our best time, but this is park entrance gate to gate, not parking lot to parking lot.

CK got winded and picked up by Howard and Big Sproles, they kept him moving to finish it off.