The PAX rolled in for some pain, Howard planted the shovel flag, things were feeling official and then we began.

The Thang:


1.3 mile run

100 pullups (can do inverted rows on swing sets or real pullups)

200 pushups

300 squats

1.3 mile run



The Moleskin:

The first mile went great, we all ran at a good pace and tackled the work part with big enthusiasm.  30 minutes into the workout FEBA shouts could be heard on a regular basis.

tclaps to Tecumsah and Hard Knox for doing 100 real pullups

tclaps to White Shoe for running the last mile even with his sprained ankle.

tclaps to Floppy Disk for taking off for another workout

tclaps to Juice Box for sticking with it.

tclaps to half the PAX for having water packs on the entire time, sort of like a weighted vest.

Most of the PAX didn’t realize we would be doing the full Murph today.  We all did it and enjoyed it.

Times to complete Ranged from 51:10 to 64 minutes.  Most of the time was lost in the last mile as arm pain and exhaustion slowed us down.

Adding in .6 miles of running really slowed us down, then again, most of us didn’t do real pullups.