Posted by Money Hose for White Shoe:

The Thang:

2-Man Teams. 2 Minute Drill. Rotate clockwise.

Sledgehammer beat down of Junk/Plank, to exhaustion
Merkens of all flavors (standard, incline, decline, diamond, Carolina
dry docks), to exhaustion
Wall Ball, to exhaustion
Jump Rope/Ab Wheel (of death), to exhaustion
Pullups, to exhaustion
Walking Lunges/Farmer’s Carry, to exhaustion
Dips (including French Dips), to exhaustion
Kettlebell Skull Crushers, to exhaustion
Burpees, to exhaustion
Park Run (that wasn’t so bad…)

Followed by….

Our old friend Chuck n’ Run – Run approx 150 yards (with a lovely hill
in the middle for effect) tossing a 15 lb medicine ball repeatedly on
the way out, followed by a sprint back to the starting point with said
ball cradled in arms like their 50″ flat-screen HD, 3D TV (or, YHC’s
case, the 2009 or 2011 BCS national chapmionship trophy).  While not
running, remaining Pax were treated to a round of Plankorama
including, standard, Chillcutts, Sarkozy, Putin, as well as a pleasant
round of squat hold.


Mary (6″ leg hold, Freddy Mercury, WWII sit ups, V-ups, Rosalita, Dolly)


T-claps to the PAX for keeping the intensity up this morning.  More
men getting the ball over the fence in Wall Ball and churning out

T-claps to Ben Johnson for single-handedly rolling Junk from and back
to his home solo.  #testresultsforthcoming.

Special shout out to Howard and Kind David for really taking it to
Junk with the sledgehammer (to be christened at a later date:
#petergabriel?).  YHC has been researching proper tire flipping form
in anticipation of entering the 2016 redneck olympics in Macon, Ga and
will pass along tips next Thursday.