The Fletcher Park Fourth of July Extravaganza commenced at 0616 this AM.  16 Pax in attendance.  15 medically cleared to post.  1 not.

Welcome Back Cotters all the way around for Ben Johnson, Marley, Tooth Fairy.  Good to have those boys aboard.  And off we go…

Warm Up

Run around.  Plant American flags randomly throughout the Park.


Modified Mountain Climbers

Arm Circles forth and back

Run down to a lonely pitch fork from Money Hose’s shed.  Two Stars & Stripes planted at the tops of the two hills overlooking our position.

Rally ‘Round the Flag

7 Series:

Various ascents to Flag No. 1 (1 run, 4 fireman’s carry, 2 bear crawl)

Calisthenic mash up at Flag No. 1 (merkin medley, squats, lunges, high planks, low planks)

Run down hill to pitchfork & run uphill around Flag No. 2 then back to pitchfork

Calisthenic mash up at pitchfork (burpees, jump squats, planks, lunges, merkins)


Last bear crawl incorporates high five of White Shoe (more on that below) & windsprint finish

2 Minutes of Mary somewhere in there (lbcs, rosalita, six inch hold, alternating oblique crunches)



-Creativity abounds on Firecracker Day.  Two actual shovel flags covering two hilltops with a single pitchfork covering the bottom betwixt the flags.  Money Hose’s shed gave all.

-Pax enthusiastically ran wherever Money Hose led.  No particular pattern to anything we did, except mashups were always followed with hill climbs.  And yard implements marked the way.

-Would love to read the transcript of the inner monologue of Joe Random seated under picnic pavilion for nearly the entirety of the post.  Did not show inclination to join us.

-With credit for both flair and grit, White Shoe reported via the internets on Tuesday “no post (ankle)”.  OK.  Good.  Get better.  Come Wed. morning, the Al Cowlings Wagon comes rolling in and there posts White Shoe, summertime elven shoes and all #ItsACIveGotOJintheCar.  Heavy one massively swollen left ankle.  Indicates that he will not run but will instead meet us at the Stone Circle for calisthenics.  OK.  Fine.  Quarter way through “Rally ’round the flag,” Money Hose remembers that one of the Fs is fellowship and sends King David to rescue White Shoe from the funny looks a lonely man doing burpees in elven shoes and a youth small t-shirt  gets from the dog walkers who ooze about Fletcher Park by dawn’s early light.  King David returns; White Shoe recovered.  White Shoe rallies at Flag No. 1 and participates in calisthenics with the Pax each time Pax emerges from hill climb with random fellow Pax heaved over the shoulder.

-That’s the flair; now for the grit–while the Pax played capture the flag, in addition to calisthizing with the Pax on its racetrack orbit, White Shoe knocked out a modified Murph.  For his grit, he got a Pax-wide, single file high five as he ground out the last few dips on a park bench high atop Hamburger Hill.   Most people would have caved to the fartsack given the swoll-up-edness of that ankle.

-White Shoe’s grit through the Murph was a small but fitting tribute to the memory of its namesake on a sunny Fourth of July.