Today was a beautiful morning with a great breeze.  A perfect morning for a run unless you were heading deep into the woods where the breeze won’t help, let the pain begin.

Imagine a flood gate opening up and 6 cars show up and F3 Men hop out of their cars with Enthusiam and Energy.  Sproles rolled up and then Money Hose did.  We had one other hard commit, 2 minutes later we made a decision to move forward and we did without White Shoe, plenty of talk of UA for the next few minutes.

Money Hose led the way at a great pace for the first 2.5 miles.  Usually we stop at the 2 mile mark and reconvene, as well as the 3 mile mark.  Today we did one stop at 2.5 miles and of course at the end.  With 9 PAX it was easy to find another F3 runner.

We ran slower than normal today.  We had 46:00 flat last time, but we ended at the far end of the parking lot today, so we said our time needed to be 46:30, today it was 47:30.  Some disappointment from the PAX, we were all dragging except for Fazio and Money Hose.

As we moved back to our cars, we found White Shoe had parked and was not in his car.  He was late and couldn’t catch up to us.  Aye!  He did about 3 miles himself and collected a twisted ankle along the way.

Today the park was busy, more runners and walkers than normal.  It was nice to be out there sporting our F3 shirts and running as a large group.  One running starting out as we were finishing might be a new FNG.

tclaps to Money Hose for leading the whole way for the first 3 miles.

tclaps to T2 for making his first TrailRun appearance and staying near the front of the PAX

tclaps to White Shoe for arriving late and running on his own and making it back without a map