73 degrees, high humidity, lots of water jugs.  The PAX was there early and the Shovel Flag was planted.

The Thang:


SSH x30

Good Mornings x10

Imperial Walkers x15

Merkins 20

Plank 10 4 count

Squat w/1gal 20

Thrusters w/1gal 20


Jog/Walking Lunges/Backwards Jog to Pain Island:

team up for 3 rounds of:

Pullups x5/Squat Hold

Knees to Elbows x5/Burpees

Water Break


Jog to Picnic area and in teams do:

3 rounds of: Inverted Row w2gal/Incline Merkins x10

20 dips with 1gal on lap


Drink/Walk/Jog to steps for Robert Plant x3


Flutter Kicks x10

LBC x15

Hello Dolly x15

Rosalitas x10

Leg Hold (circle count about 100 seconds)


Run to upper parking lot for footwork w/water jugs:

1 lap jog

1 lap jog backwards

1 lap karaoke

side to side curb jumps and quick feet

Jog back to main parking lot:

2 rounds: 1 gal curls x20 each arm, 1 gal arm extensions

10 1 gal straight arm raises each arm

15 count 1 gal Halos

Mini Plank-o-Rama: 10 count high, chilkut, Sarkozy, Putin.  Finish off with 20 count high plank.



The Moleskin:

tclaps to the PAX for keeping the intensity up and not needing FEBA

tclaps to White Shoe for having a camelback and lugging 2 jugs of water around.

tclaps to Tecumsah for giving a 5 minute introduction in the COT, we didn’t have to grill him to come up with a name!  #raisingthebar

The first bastard was shouted out during the Walking Lunges, as usual.

A great turnout and a lot of sweat was left at Pullen park.  The PAX worked hard and with the water jugs it was a step up from the usual.

Wonk Larry Birded CK on the walk/jog to the parking lot- yeah, sort of weak, but still an accomplishment.

CK was wiped out and gave it all he had today, always room for improvement!