Posted by Money Hose for White Shoe:

The Thang

2-Man Teams.  2 Minute Drill.  Rotate clockwise.   
Round 1:
Merkens of all flavors (standard, incline, decline, diamond, Carolina dry docks), to exhaustion
Jump ups, to exhaustion
Combo Junk flip, to exhaustion
Kettlebell/Squats, to exhaustion
Farmer’s Carry, to exhaustion
Wall Ball, to exhaustion (sensing a trend?)
Round 2:
Jump Rope/Ab Wheel (of death), to exhaustion
Pullups, to exhaustion
Walking Lunges, to exhaustion
Crab Walk, to exhaustion
Dips (including French Dips), to exhaustion
Park Run (that wasn’t so bad…)

Chuck ‘n Run/Mano y Junk:

Pax divided into two teams.  Station one required each member of the Pax to complete a solo flip of Junk.  Rinse & repeat until our friends at station two complete a cycle.  Station two required each member of the Pax to run approx 150 yards (with a lovely hill in the middle for effect) tossing a 15 lb medicine ball repeatedly on the way out, followed by a sprint back to the starting point said ball cradled in their arms like their firstborn (or, YHC’s case, firstbeer).  While not running, Pax at Station two were treated to a lovely round of Plankorama.
T-claps to everyone for solo flipping Junk at least once.  That would not have happened 3 weeks ago #ironsharpensiron. 
To those Pax who modified Station one by inventing the new exercise of planking on Junk while debating her best use as a flower planter…know that people are watching.

Keep your thoughts with Linda and King David — Junk unleashed her wrath on each of their backs.  Both men are mean hombres and will exact their revenge.

Numerous golum sightings in the park this a.m. #BillyZane.

Also of note, Big Sproles = Mama Junk’s Nemesis

(From Money Hose): T Claps for White Shoe in stepping up on his maiden voyage as QIC.  Good stuff.  Good intensity.  Good creativity.  #Stonecold. 

Money Hose was 10 minutes late.  #TheWarmEmbraceoftheFartSack #WorkintheMidnightHour.