The Thang:

Warm Up

Alternating Left/Right Step Up

Mini Jump Ups


Round Dumpers Island

4 Times (Rotate):

Team 1 Squat Hold

Team 2 Sprint around parking lot Twice

Wind Sprints

6 X 120 Yd. Windsprints with 10 Merkins after each repetition

Jog to Stone Circle

6 Minutes of Mary (King David in Charge)


6 Inch Hold

Flutter Kicks


Hello Dollys

Freddie Mercury

Dog Leg to the Right

2 Sets:

Tricep Dips

Single Leg Step Up

Incline Push Ups with a Clap

Squat, Jump Hold

Run Up Hill to Washington Street and Back


Standard High Planks

Chilcutts with Alternating Leg Hold

Low Plank Hold


The Moleskin:

Started out with a smokefest of squat hold/sprints and 120 yd windsprints.  Sweep the leg.  Finish him. 

Rolled into the debut of King David’s Six Minutes of Mary.  T claps for King David on diving right in with 3 seconds’ notice to lead the pax.

Good times discussing possible names for FNG who attended Penn State.  Jokes galore.  A lot went unsaid. Tentative FNG name under review; Home Office to be consulted.