at 05:40 the first round took off, today we decided to let the slower guys go first and the faster heat will catch up to them with a 5 minute delay start.

This new technique worked well, except for the fact that running through the forest with dense trees at 05:40 means there is no light to see.  When nobody brings a headlamp it makes for an interesting run.

The run is 2 miles through a single track hiking trail, .5 miles down a road, reconvene, and 1 mile back to the parking lot.  With the new first/second heat starts, we all met up about the same time at the meetup point and had very little lag (normally a 5-10 minute lag for waiting, catching breath), today was <4 minutes.

Howard and Big Sproles led the way up Fartsack hill, big props to them for finishing strong.

The times today ranged from 41:45-49:15.  Much less than the last few weeks.  Actually when we started tracking this run, we waited until the trailhead which is .22 miles from the road/gate, and now we run back towards the gate which is an additional .9 miles.  All in all, our original times of <46:00 are probably still on track.

CK took a trip on a root and scraped up his hip and knee, no blood so no need to stop.