06:30, CK scouting the park for more pain, runs into Wonk doing the same.  73 and humid, the coolest morning in weeks.

06:45, Howard arrives and plants the Shovel Flag- We are official.

06:50, 5 cars roll in, the PAX is ready.

07:00, the tower clock chimes and we count-o-rama and head off


The Thang:

Warmup in large gazebo picnic shelter: SSH x20, Incline Merkins x20, Good mornings x10, Decline Merkins x20, Dips x20, Merkins x20.

Run to the parking deck, up 5 floors of stairs: backwards run to the end, walking lunges back to the stairs and down.

Quick feet on the curb x15, Mini jump ups on the curb x20

Run back to the park and visit Jacobs Ladder.  In teams, 4 times up

Run to pain island for:

* cardio kickboxing (jumpropes, punches, front kicks)

* Burpee circle

* double count Merkin circle

* squats x20


Run to the ampitheatre for Mary led by Maize:

Hello Dolly x15

Leg Hold

High Slow Flutter Kicks x20

LBC x20

Dying Cockroachs x20

Russian Hammers x20

Grandma Situps w/partner

Leg ups and push down w/partner

Low plank hold

Chilkut plank hold


Tunnel of Love

Bunny hop planks




The Moleskin:

tclaps to Maize for stepping up and leading 9 minutes of Mary.

tclaps to White Shoe for bringing two FNG’s

The PAX enjoyed the warmup, but the walking lunges were invented to generate bastard and FEBA calls

Overall, the PAX moved well through the entire gambit while giving it all they had

Coffee-o-rama was in high attendance today.

Almost no recovery rests today, it was sort of built into the running, planking and moderate pace on everything else.

Something is going on Sept 29th to mark 6 months of Raleigh F3, I was told everybody should mark their calendars.