The Thang:

Warm Up: 400 yd. fellowship jog around Roanoke Park

Junk Toss Clinic–get low, spread feet, drive forward, don’t hurt yourself.  Your arms should not be doing the hard part. 

The Main Event, Part I:

2-man teams; 2 minute drill; rotate:

Station 1: Pablo Escobars–Pax 1 squat thrust 50 lb bag of play sand on loan from Money Hose 2.0; Pax 2 run/walk 50 lb bag of play sand up hill and back (Engage your core biceps).

Station 2: Junk Flip–Pax 1 & 2 three jump ups; take turns flipping Junk

Station 3: Chuck’n Run/Goblet Squat–Pax 1 chuck medicine ball and run the standard distance.  Pax 2 goblet squats with 35 lbs kettlebell. Switch.

Station 4: Pull Ups/Kettlebell Swings–Pax 1 do 10 pullups.  Pax 2 kettlebell swings.  Switch. 

Station 5: Jump Rope/Ab Wheel of Death–Pax 1 speed rope for 1 minute; Pax 2 ab wheel extensions.  Switch.

Cotswold Interlude:    Pax run a timed 800 yd sprint around the Park. 

The Main Event, Part II Repeato Stations 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 for 1 min, 15 sec. in light of time constraints…

The Moleskin:

  • Fun and games at Roanoke this morning.  Good morale.  Partnership structure is always a recipe for hijinks.  White Shoe’s equal recipe of jokes and disgruntlement is a winning combination  #hillarityensues
  • Money Hose loves partnering with Big Sproles.  “The next exercise is knock down the gazebo.”  #brutestrength
  • Pax discussed the massacre at the Cotswolds last Saturday and the need to catch a run sandwich every so often between picking things up and putting them down (Point the camera at the paving stones that live behind a privacy fence at a perfectly nice elementary school in the Queen City).  Hence the 800 yard run timed by Coach Ben Johnson (See him after class for supplements advice). 
  • Money Hose put an Uncle Dredd-inspired E.H. on a passer by this morning at 5:58 AM.  The heart rate monitor and invisible shirt were key indicators that he might be game.  “No admission, no equipment, no RSVP, just show up…”
  • TARP E.H.’d a neighborhood dog walker at the end of the workout.  Said neighborhood dog walker then hard committed to next Thurs.  #puttingTARPfundstoGoodUse #cashnochecks
  • Great job by Fazio–Merloted again during warm-up run of all things. #nostoppingthatguy
  • One FNG brought in Shang haied by Spud.  In light of employment relationship, we had him sign a no-durress waiver and White Shoe took a photo copy of his I.D.  #bestpractices
  • Ben Johnson helpfully pointed out that his F3 name may be the only instance since 1988 that Ben Johnson’s name has been used in any context other than recounting the history of Carl Lewis pre-NJ Senate campaign. 
  • T claps to SlumLord for patiently enduring the evolving narrative of his employment–he’s gone in a few short months from navigating the high finance of affordable housing programs to riding around on a moped with a .38 special in his boot collecting rent checks.  #truthisnoboundary
  • 9 of 10 dentists agree that T Squared is quiet fast and quiet strong.