The Thang:

 Warm Up

500 yard run over the hills and far away



SSH X 30

Mountain Climbers X 20

Merkins X 10

Body Squats X 15

Arm Circles Forth & Back X 15

Carolina Dry Docks X 15

Stationary Lunges

 Mosey to Fence Beside Soccer Field

 3 Repetitions

 10 Count Balls to Wall

Hand Walk down into High Plank Hold

 Mosey back to COP




Staggered Left & Right Merkins

 Mosey to High School Retaining Wall

 2 Repetitions


Climb to railing of retaining wall

Hand walk across railing while suspended

Scale to top of retaining wall

Jog to walkway railings

Lateral Spiderman walk the length of walkway railings

 Plank while Pax re-forms…

 Tempo run back to base of Hamburger Hill

 Mini-Jacobs Ladder (Modified)


5 Bear Crawls to top of hamburger hill with Spartan Burpees at top (descending 5 to 1…)

 Wind Sprints


40 yd. windsprint

Heels to hind

40 yd. windsprint


40 yd. windsprint


Alternating oblique LBCs

Hello Dolly


Peter Parkers


 The Moleskin:

  • We brought all sorts of goodies back from Charlotte, including a bag of koozies.
  • Thanks to the Cotswold boys for balls to the wall and Spartan burpees. 
  • Two FNGs who held their own and then some—good names, too. 
  • After enduring a penalty of 2 extra Spartan Burpees, White Shoe is preparing a complaint with the home office regarding F3 names that are insufficiently insulting. #disgruntled
  • T claps to Fazio for an uncharacteristic recycled merlot during arm circles; really rallied after that, though.  #thatguyisafighter