Delayed Post by Money Hose for White Shoe:

The Thang:

SSH x30
Imperial Walkers x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Inchworm Merkins (in honor of our Charlotte brethren who owned the GRC)
2-Man Teams. 2 Minute Drill. Rotate clockwise.

Sledgehammer beat down of Junk/Plank
Merkens of all flavors (standard, incline, decline, diamond, Carolina
dry docks)
Wall Ball
Jump Rope/Ab Wheel (of death)
Walking Lunges/Farmer’s Carry
Dips (including French Dips)
Jump ups
Park Run

Followed by….

Chuck n’ Run, remaining Pax were treated to a round of Plankorama
including, standard, Chillcutts, Sarkozy, Putin, and one-arm one-leg suspension for each side.


Mary (6″ leg hold, Freddy Mercury, WWII sit ups, Rosalita, Dolly, Sideswipes, Standoffs (leg raise with partner, you try to kick him, he tries to push your legs into the dirt))


Tclaps to Madoff for joining us for the first time. #likeavirgin
Tclaps to the PAX for really legging it out during Chuck when oxygen was at a premium.
MoneyHose will be back in the fold next week, so you get to blame someone else for the punishment.  Thanks for letting me serve as your stand-in Q.

From Money Hose:  Thanks to White Shoe for covering.  When he sorts out his issues with Buddy Garrity and the Texas High School Athletic Commission, he’ll be back out there.  Apparently, recruiting middle schoolers with 4.0 speed is frowned upon.