79 degrees, 90% humidity, an empty 6000+ acre state park.

Today the PAX started out strong.  We held a slower pace and for the first 17 minutes we were all together as a tight pack.  This is record breaking as we usually split up a lot more much earlier in the run.  Unfortunately around that time we all heard Howard say ‘go on ahead without me’.  That is not a good sign, recuerdo de Goat.  While it was great we could all talk that far into the run it wasn’t great that Howard had to walk the rest of the way. As CK hit the same problem halfway up fartsack hill, we knew it would be a tough one.

Today Conroy mixed it up going back and forth between the front and the back, he was really confused about what speed to run.

Ben Johnson led the pack as he always done and finished strong.  I don’t know the finishing times, for everybody, but we wrapped up in 56 minutes (which is a new record- longest time).

tclaps to Big Sproles for finishing strong- I don’t think the guy stops anymore

tclaps to Fazio for talking the whole way- without floppy disk it was shaping up to be too quiet.

tclaps to T2 for always sticking with the pax and never saying much.  I am waiting for the day where T2 wakes up in beast mode- he is made of strong.