Fellowship Jog to Place in Woods
        -Imperial Walker 25x
        -SSH 25x
        -Mountain Climber 20x
        -Peter Parker 15x
        -Dying Cockroach 15x
Jog to Aquatic Center Parking Lot
        “L” McPherson (2 groups, one runs while other exercises…..10 sprints, 5 laps, 5 exercises)
                -Exercises (LBC, Merkins, Leg Lunge, Flutters, Wide-Arms)
Jog to Tennis Courts
        Merkins 15x
        Right Arm Stagger 12x
        Left Arm Stagger 12x
        The Nadal – jump over line 2 minutes + 20 alley jumps
        The Sampras – Run to net and then back with scissor kick 6x + 6 Burpees at end
        The Federer – suicides over 2 courts
Jog to benches
        Dips 20x
        Jump Ups 20
Jog to Swing Set
        Partner up, 1 on swing while other does squats and/or plank
        Exercises : 10 full stretch, 15 declines, 15 knee ups
Go to amphitheater for Mary
        Dolly 15x
        Flutters 15x
        Right Knee Crunches 15x
        Left Knee Crunches 15x
        Freddy Mercury 15x
-Great participation this morning, the humidity caught us all off guard including QIC who did their best Bishop christening at the end with his shirt. Crew seemed to like the set on the swings toward the end, always nice to add something that has not been done before.
-We wondered how the Goat crew did, they were in our thoughts throughout the workout. My insiders tell me they did great, that some even added an extra mile to their adventure at the end
-Looking forward to many more outings, I love the park….so many options to pick from.
-Challenge was made to all that a goal for August was to bring at least one FNG to a workout. Spread the word.