Not so muggy this morning.  Stars aligned for a strong turnout among the Pax.  Hearty welcome backs to Bam! (it’s just that easy); Beethoven; and their own FNG–Viking.  More on that later…

The Thang:

Warm Up: Jog from tennis courts to soccer parking area, 2 X (25 Alternating Left-Right Step Ups + 25 Mini Jump Ups), 30 SSH, Arm Circles forth and back. 

Sprint to Deceptively short fence behind soccer field; ignore the grassmen preparing to cut.  Say again.  Ignore. 

Goat Memories:  3 X (Balls to Wall–10 Count, walk into high plank–10 Count). Available after-market add-ons: low hold on Balls to Wall; hand stand push ups.  Pax completes at leisure. 

Merkins Pyramid:  Merkins X (1, 2, 3,…10, 9, 8, 7…1) with 10 second squat hold in betwixt.  100 total merkins and a heckuva lot of squat holds. 

Fast run to bottom of Hamburger Hill

7 Minutes of Mary:  40ish LBCs, Dollys, Oblique LBCs, Rosalitas, WWII Sit Ups, Six Inch Holds

Extended Mini-Jacobs Ladder:  4 X (4o Yard flat sprint with Hamburger Hill ascent at end–3 Burpees at top of Hamburger Hill–jog back to imaginary start line–plank while Pax re-forms) #ThanksDavidsonian


The Moleskin

  • Great turnout today for  a mid-ish summer morning.  If we hit 25, White Shoe has promised all of us our own VHS copies of “Keys to Recruiting Speed in Coffee County, Alabama, Vol. IV”.  #BetaforWendellGee
  • Your humble leader tried to serve up a hearty platter of core F3 antics–heavy push ups, shoulders, abdominals on this morning.  Dialed back the running at the margins to mix it up and perhaps to shore up the “non runner caucus” after the  “We gonna run a little, run a little, run some more” audible at Heavy Metal last week. 
  • It appears that chasing foul balls as boys in the right field bleachers of the old Durham Athletic Park is a tie that binds F3 Raleigh.  CK is now challenged to find one other person in the known world who’s first professional sporting event was attendance at a Eugene (Or.) Emeralds minor league baseball game. 
  • Bob Horner is a rennaisance man.  MLB, Japan League and professional wrestler? 
  • Good to see Bam! and Beethoven back again.  Checking with Home Office for official records, but bringing an FNG on your second trip out is very strong indeed.  Good work, Gentlemen. 

Announcements:  Mule Day–September 29, 2012.  Beta test on F3 Raleigh/Ring Run.  Email Wonk or T Squared for location at Centennial Campus.