06:30 – Why is Howard sitting in the parking lot?  He Loves F3!  As the rest of the PAX rolled in, the Shovel Flag was planted and we began.



SSH x25

Merkins x15

Good Mornings x15

Mountain Climbers x15

Run around paddleboat lake and back to Ampitheatre


Eye of the Tiger – AMRAP 10 minutes.

In teams of 2, 1 person helping, the other doing the AMRAP for 10 minutes:

20 WWII Grandma situps (the real deal, not baby crunches, partner hold feet)

10 Burpee Jumps (jump over your partner who is planking at the top of the burpee)

20 wall Jumps (18″ wall, speed jumping, partner is doing a squat hold)


Robert Plant x4

Plank at top, run to Gazebo picnic area

SSH x20

Incline Merkins x10

Decline Merkins x10

Froggies x20

Russian Hammers x20

Dips x20

French Dip x10


Run to parking lot for some speed work:

2x: quick feet x10, sprint 20 yards across parking lot

2x: peter parker x10, sprint 20 yards across parking lot

Squat hold circle

Stretching circle


Run back to shovel Flag



tclaps to Wendell Gee for showing up on a Saturday

The pax did well in the AMRAP.  It seemed like a hit.  We did 3-4.5 rounds, maybe next time we AMRAP the “Eye of the Tiger” we can hit 4-5.5 rounds, that would be progress.

Today was a smoker, after the AMRAP we started losing steam and had to slow down a bit.  Recoveries started being called out.