One of the last cool mornings of the summer and 5 dedicated PAX showed up for some sweat.

Last week we posted 48:00 to complete the loop (actually it was more like 47:51), but today we finished just under 46:30.  We usually have 3 midpoints where we regroup as a team, today we only did 2 as the PAX stuck together the first 1.5 miles and had a little bit of separation on the hill to the end of the first trail.

After some planking and stretch walking, we picked up the pace and tackled fartsack hill.  Yes, it was named that because that hill alone is enough reason to keep most of the PAX in their fartsacks.

At the top of the hill we planked and then all jogged out the last 1/3 mile to the parking lot.

Next week I think there will be a 45:xx for the final time.