The Thang

Warm Up

Run 1/2 mile


Modified Mountain Climbers

Only Once a Month

Jacob’s Ladder Pyramid X 7 (Climb Hamburger Hill 7 times; ascending burpees; climb HH 6 more times; descending burpees)

Plank while waiting for Pax to complete each up and back.

Lots of Mary

Standard Crunches


Hello Dolly

Six Inch Hold

Flutter Kicks

WWII Sit Ups

Alternating Oblique Crunches

Jog to Stone Circle

Mash Up (Various)



Carolina Drydocks

Single Leg Step Ups

Tricep Dips

Squat, Hold, Jump

Incline Merkins with a Clap

Diamond Merkins

Single Leg Stationary Lunge (Alternating Legs)



The Moleskin:

Massive welcome back Kotter to Citation, who was furloughed from traffic prison.  We are grateful.

Same to Marley who was on the physically unable to perform list.

Pax answered the call today.  We went right at Hamburger Hill for a Jacob’s Ladder Plus Plus.  Oxygen deprivation ensued for this individual.  The rest of the session was spent finding new and different ways not to have to run anymore.

Good stuff.  Strike.  Great stuff.