A warm humid morning greeted us as we rolled out of the fart sacks.  CK showed up early to scope out some new pain, FNG showed up real early as well.  On cue the PAX rolled in, the Shovel Flag was planted and the bells chimed in the clock tower- Begin.

The Thang:

Run to Pain Island for a warmup:

SSH x20, Merkins (Standard, Diamond, Wide Arm) x10 4 count each, Pullups x10

Run to NC state for track and field:

2 fast runs for time, .25 miles each (Times ranged from 1:15 -> 2:10)

Backwards run, high knees, ass kickers, backwards run, 50 yds walking lunges

jog back to the park and Ampitheatre up and over the lovely hills and terrain.

Dips, French Dips

Mary: flutter kicks, Hello Dolly, LBC, Froggies, MC Hammers, Leg Hold

Ashtray workout (5 gallon buckets 1/3 full with wet sand, about 25lb each):

1 arm curls, sumo dead lifts, farmers carry 25yds and back, shoulder carry 25yds and back

40 step ups onto 24″ bench

Return the ashtrays, circle up for a burpee circle

Stretching/COT mix in


The Moleskin:

tclaps to Big Sproles, Howard, Magic Goggles for making all 4 Raleigh workouts this week!  STRONG

tclaps to Herb for sticking with it and living through the PAIN today

The Ashtray workout was a great find in the early gloom.  I see a lot of potential with those.

The 1/4 mile run was a primer for building speed, hopefully in the long distance.  The PAX needs to know what it feels like to run a 5, 6  or 7 minute mile- in due time we will elongate the runs.

It is a good sign when everybody is worn out at the end.