Today was the first of the upcoming “speed sessions” at Hi Fi.  Speed…..finishing as close to zero as possible, is relative for every runner.  Speed is going faster than you did last time.  So for a twist, 12 PAX rolled out to work on short blasts of real fast in an effort to get closer to zero.  This was somewhat of a sprinters workout…but we were able to cover 5+ miles total.  In a tip of the hat to YHC’s high school track Coach Chisholm, we borrowed one of his standbys.  Felt kinda like I remembered it from a lifetime ago, but this time without any Merlot spills…..

The Thang

1600m Warmup Run

Good Mornings, Windmills, King David Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Calf Stretches of various quantities.

On the line for speed work:

8 x 200m strides (not a sprint, but faster than mile race pace) with 200m recovery jog

10 x 100m strides with 100 m recovery jog

400 m stride/400 m recovery/400 m stride

Circle up for stretches, COT, announcements (Bull Run, Ethanol, Haven House, etc).  Mr Bigglesworth took us out.

It was a great morning for running, and the PAX busted it.  We did not get our times down to zero, so I guess we still have work to do next time…..