YHC rolled in a little earlier than a normal Tuesday, there was probably 3 minutes to spare.  With a few unfamiliar faces YHC checked to see if any FNG’s were present, there were none, a quick introduction was given and we were off.

The Thang:  Jog up the lot hang a left and continue just past the round gazebo and circle up, no sooner had we made the circle than some #*!<^ decided he needed to drive through the circle to park in the dead end.  First exercise Good Mornings x 15, next, then YHC was interrupted by the “sensitive one” (TSO) to remind me that we had a pax who couldn’t run, and that i should cater the mornings work to said pax member.  YHC told TSO to bite it, YHC certainly didn’t have a plan and running was his go to while deciding the next place to go.  About this time the lame duck arrived to insist on not worrying about him.  Enough of this discussion, back to work, Imperial Walkers x 20, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles F/R x 12, 10 Burpee’s OYO.  All the while YHC is thinking, consideration and keeping the pax together is the F3 standard, regardless whether the guy should be there or not.

So we moseyed over across the tracks to the rock pile, grabbed a mass of your choice, and after a brief squat hold we headed through the concrete bleachers to the ball field for some stationary work. Circle up on YHC on the mound, curls x 10, squat presses x 10, mericans x 10, nipplers x 10.  Run to the fence behind you and rejoin the circle on the opposite side.  Repeto the work increasing the reps to 12, run again and back to the other side of the COP again.  This time reps up to 15, and another fence run and back with reps up to 20 this time.  Head to the back stop for peoples chair with rocks straight out for 3 count through, then rocks up with another 3 count through.  Drop your rock and jog to outfield fence, peoples chair 5 count through.  Back to the rocks and tote them to the base of the concrete bleachers.

Take rock to top and come back down, Peruvian single leg rotisserie squats x 10 for each leg.  Lebron’s to the top, overhead presses x 10, back down, several more similar sets like this and we headed back to drop our rocks off.

Circle up in upper lot for Mtn. Climbers x 30,  box cutters x 20, WWII x 20, and Fudd’s favorite Burpee’s x 10.  Jog back to park entrance.

Find a spot on the bench for L/R step-ups x 15, ericans x 15, repeat both with 20 reps.  Jog to a Robert Plant, around the carousel over the turtle up the ramp around the stage up and over the tables and back to the stone circle, Done!

YHC reminded pax that God is weaving a tapestry and though we only see junk hanging from the underside He sees the beautiful work of art, and one day those who have put their trust in His Son will see the same.

Trucker took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

CW out!