Some days it’s good to do something difficult. Last Tuesday was one of those days. My plan was simple but (seemingly) effective. Here is what we did:

  • No Stretching
  • ~1mi run to Dix St
  • Circular Exercises: Plank, SSH, Merkins, Squats
  • 7’s on Lake Dr: Burpees at the top and Squat Jumps at the bottom
  • Run home Jack
  • COT


  • Strong showing by all 18 Pax who covered 4.3mi on a muggy morning on Lake Dr. Nobody actually finished the 7s.
  • I don’t remember much from Tuesday morning. It was all a muggy blur of pain I’ve tried to block out.
  • That’s a good hill.
  • Good competition out there. Pepe and Yo-Yo pushing it up front, Chips, Swingline and Prewitt right behind.
  • I doubt any of us would be out their on our own but given a guy to run with (against), you step up and bust your butt to keep up.
  • Sorry this is so late. Busy days recently. Poor excuse but it’s all I’ve got.


  • Healing Transitions Dinner is tomorrow night (5/17)