YHC started the morning coughing up a lung but still wanted to be out there and lead our PAX. Many pulled in with 20-30 seconds left before start time. So when time came YHC called Burpees until all had gathered with PAX.

All together? Great. Split into two lines (Double Applesauce) Indian run. Run to the back parking lot.

Line up the line facing the long way of the parking lot.


  • SSH IC 27x
  • Sprint to the other end.
  • Good Morning IC 27x
  • Sprint back to other end.
  • Merkins Single Count 27x
  • Sprint to other end.
  • Burpees 27x

Partner up (size matters) Run to the half pipe to the left of big hill.

Set of 11s with your partner.

  • Partner carry through the half pipe and stop at stop sign.
  • Run Back to other stop sign.
  • Exercises were BURPEES & STAR JUMPS
  • Plank when done.
  • WWII SitUps IC 27x

Run down to bottom of large hill.

  • Frog jump to the top of the hill
  • Flutter Kicks IC 27x
  • Run back down to bottom of hill.
  • Bear Crawl 3/4 of the way and sprint the rest to the top.
  • LBCs IC 27x
  • Run Back to VSF

Back at VSF

  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Hello Dolly IC 27x
  • AMRAP for 2 min (10x Merkins & 5x Burpees)

Thats all folks


  1. Healing Transitions Meal 3rd F opportunity tomorrow at 4:30pm.

Prayer Request:

  1. YHC has baby doc appointment. Pray for good healthy baby.

Mr. Bigglesworth took us out.

As always such an honor to lead such great men.