11 PAX gathered for a wet workout in the gloom.  No FNGs so no disclaimers & we were off.

Warmup:  20 SSH, 10 GM, 20 IW

Run to Big Hill off site, 20 merkins along the way x3,  YHC took a spill in some standing water & got more wet plus muddy—reminder of Spartan race!

Partner up:  One partner runs up & down hill while other does air squats for Round 1 then burpees for Round 2.

Run to apartment complex parking lot– 20 merkins prior to next exercise then 10 merkins after.

Split location- Odds run to past gate for 12 plankjacks, then back home for 5 burpees.  Evens run to front of entrance for 12 monkeyhumpers then back home for 5 burpees.  SWITCH.

Run back to covered picnic table.  Stop again for 20 merkins along the way back.


20 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 20 DCs, 20 Merkins, 20 AHs, 20 FMs, 20 Merkins, 10 WWII situps, 20 Diamond Merkins.   (we did 180 merkins today so PAX only need to do 20 additional to meet the 200 merkin/day challenge).

Announcements:  Trali Run tomorrow 8 pm (6/22)- meet at The Crick location.  Bumblebee last time at The Crick (moving back to SC).

Prayer requests:  Bumblebee’s wife, Paige, undergoing bone marrow transplant soon.  YHC took us out.