8 PAX members assembled in Apex awaiting the maiden voyage of Surcharge as the Co-Q. Tender (otherwise known as – Surcharge) wanted none of that responsibility so he took the morning off. Well played my friend, I’m sure you were counting in cadence in your bed. #teamplayer #notreally

We’ll pencil you in for a future work-out but let’s see what when down in his absence:


Run around the circle (2x)

COP – SSH, GM, IW, MC, PP, and LPW.

Mosey to the pavilion – LRSU, Dips, Derkins, Irkins. x2

Mosey to the lake and turn left and abort mission. #dark #scared #suburbanninja #isisincary

Mosey right to the hill – Jacob’s ladder – LPW/LBC. Squats while you wait or lay on your back and wait (GM).

Sir Fazio Arm circle’s while we wait – In honor of Tender.

Mosey to the top of the hill – Lung Walk, Burpee broadjump, Karaoke, Backwards Run.

Indian Run three times around the circle.

Pavilion (Mary) – LSF, Protractor #crowdfavorite, Bi-sickle, Oblique (L/R).

10 Burpees.


Naked Moleskin:

– Missed some A-Team regulars this morning: McCants, WonderBread, Coney, RipTide, 75%, Cousins, etc. See y’all next week!

– Ma Bell has a sweet truck. You move out of the middle of the parking lot when you see it coming. It commands attention! #badass

– Franklin loves Tennessee. I knew about the love affair with Vandy but he also rocks a Titan’s hat. I’m buying him a Panther’s hat. #NC #notthevolunteerstate

– See Banjo about some Ruck in November that starts at 3:00 AM. #iwon’tbethere


– Sign up for the Mule

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you.