The PAX woke up to a balmy 45 degree morning. We circled up, YHC gave a brief disclaimer and we were off.

The Thang:

Windmills X30
Mountain Climbers X30

Indian Run around the perimeter of the lawn.  We made 3 rounds and I sensed everyone was starting to get used to the colder temperatures.

Mosey over to the wall.

Balls to the Wall X15. Green Eggs called cadence
People’s Chair X15. Sherpa called cadence
Balls to the Wall X16. Bass Belly called cadence
People’s Chair X15. BiLo called cadence
Balls to the Wall X15. Fabio called cadence
People’s Chair X30. Patina called cadence
Balls to the Wall X30. Patina called cadence

Mosey over to the cones.

It was time for a friendly game of tag.  Partner up.  Partner 1 sprints to finish line, Partner 2 waits 3 seconds, then sprints after Partner 1.  If Partner 2 tags Partner 1, then Partner 1 does an exercise X10 and Partner 2 does the same exercise X5.  If Partner 2 does not tag Partner 1, then Partner 1 does 5 and Partner 2 does 10.  Flap Jack and repeato back to the starting line.  Got it?  Whew…it’s hard to think at 615.

First game of tag ended with no one getting tagged.  The PAX did Star Jumps.
For the second game of tag we tried a 1 second head start.  No one was tagged, the PAX did LBCs
For the third game of tag we moved the starting line farther away from the finish line.  No one was tagged, the PAX did Merkins.  YHC will adjust this game until it works.

Mosey over to my truck.  Being the good Missouri Redneck that I am, I brought some used tires from home.  Using the same partners, each team grabbed a spare tire from the back of the truck and we gave the tires a quick tour of campus ending at the roundabout behind Patterson Hall.

SSH X30 just to make sure everyone was still warm.

Circle up in a tight circle and YHC said a quick, impromptu prayer.  The PAX responded with “AMEN”.  Every other person had a tire and after some discussion and trial and error, we passed the tires around the circle in cadence.  We mixed in some shoulder presses on the second round.

Mosey to the other side of the roundabout with the tires.

Partner 1 runs 3X around the roundabout while Partner 2 does semi-wide grip irkens using the tire, then flap jack.

Repeato with curls

Repeato with shoulder presses.

Mosey back to the cones.  During the game of tag, Floppy suggested playing tag with Bear Crawls instead of sprints and YHC obliged.  The exercise was Burpees.  No one was tagged, but it was the fastest set of Bear Crawls that I have ever seen.

We were running late, so we ended with flutter kicks X30.

The Mule is next Saturday!

Prayer Requests:
Pray for Moonshine’s sister-in-law’s family.  His sister-in-law’s Father suddenly passed away.

Continue to pray for Floppy’s family now that his daughter is home.

Green Eggs closed us out with a strong prayer

I feel like Agoge is really starting to develop its own character.  We are getting a consistent group and although some of the changes might be subtle, there are changes happening among the PAX (myself included).

Strong, strong competition between BiLo and Fabio during the games of tag.  I loved seeing that.

Bass Belly, Green Eggs and BiLo were killing it when running around the roundabout.

All PAX persevered to the end.  Great to see the effort put forth by everyone.