14 came. Workout today was made in memory of YHCs recently passed high school football coach and dedicated to those who have coached us all through the years. There can be lifelong guidance provided by those who coach, and so we recognized that gift today and recognized the need to give it back. So we worked and coached each other through over 6 miles of hills

Run to Lakemont, to Allegheny near CCC golf course to St Mary’s to Toxey to White Oak to Rothgeb greenway entrance to St Mary’s and back to lot.  Stopped along the way for Mericans, Carolina Dry Docks, Diamond Mericans, and more Mericans. 30 per stop.  Discussed coaches from the perspective of the players, and from that of the coach.  “Coached” each other the last hard mile up the hill, then finished with amrap Burpees.

COT and lots of prayer requests this morning.   Good solid work by PAX.  May we be the men our coaches knew we could be.  Thanks for letting me lead today