This BB starts the night before. The Purdue Boilermakers and their inept play against Arkansas-Little Rock busted YHC’s tournament bracket. Busted it hard. Site Q and regular, Callahan, is a Purdue graduate and immediately became the target of YHC’s revenge. As soon as the game was over, Ma Bell and BFT were off to Lowe’s in search of pain instruments. A sale on pavers you say? Sold! An evil grin may have crossed YHC’s face, but since YHC can’t see YHC’s face, YHC is not sure.

FF to Friday morning. Ma Bell is still in a foul mood. Well, well, well, look who’s here…Calli! You let me down Calli. My own inept team can’t get out of its own way and I needed someone to pull for. All that Boiler Up hype had me believing. So, I mean, somebody’s gotta pay. The ever-wise Term Paper reminded us all that Callahan was hurting the most. Yeah, you’re right…but yeah sorry, the wheels are already in motion bruh

The warm-up

Jog around the pickle to the other side where BFT sat cooling down from her run to Danger Zone hauling a load of…whuuuuut?…grab a couple of bricks, boys, and follow me. Back around the pickle we went and circled up for:

  • 10 x bracket buster penalty brick burpees (brickees)
  • 20 x SSH with bricks (ok, yeah, they’re pavers, whatevs) IC
  • 10 x Sir Fazio Paver Arm Circles IC…I didn’t tell you to put your arms down. Hold it! Til I get tired. Straighten those arms out!
  • 20 x Paver Merkins (paverkins) IC
  • 20 x Paver Mt. Climbers IC

Follow me for The Thang:

Into the darkness, jog down to and across the first bridge, and count off into 1s and 2s.

1s paver bear crawl across the bridge, and perform a set of called exercises. Meanwhile 2s perform the same set of exercise then bear crawl across the bridge to meet the 1s. Hold your pavers above your head until all PAX are complete. Then all jog together back to the other end of the bridge.

The first set of exercises consisted of:

  • 20 x Paver Curls
  • 20 x Paverkins
  • 25 x Big Boy Paver Sit-Ups

Second set worked the same way except lunge walk across the bridge and the exercises:

  • 20 x Paver Squats
  • 20 x O/H Paver Claps
  • 25 x Big Boy Paver Sit-Ups

Third set worked the same except side step/squat across the bridge and the exercises:

  • 20 x [on back, pavers at side, up, behind head, back up, back down to side]
  • 20 x flutters with pavers held up
  • 25 x Big Boy Paver Sit-Ups

Follow me up to the first intersection, gather up and AYG up to the shelter. Calli tried to be first, but Largemouth wasn’t having none of that.

Grab a bench for 24 x Alt L/R Paver Step-Ups, then get in position for Paver Derkin Jack Webbs. I may have called them something else, but this is what I meant. Anyway, this is an ascending number of derkins followed by n x 4 alternating arm raises (in position with pavers). We went up to 5 (and 20 arm raises). CK spilled the beans that YHC was the only one doing them correctly by the end. Snitches get stitches. 5 penalty brickees. Follow me to the top of the pickle and put your pavers down.

Declining ladder of burpees . Run around the pickle and at each 1/4 way around stop and do burpees from 10 down to 1. 2½ times around the pickle and 55 burpees and when you’re done, plank until entire PAX is home. Jog it up to the top of the pickle. It turned into an all out sprint. Largemouth ain’t got nothing to prove to y’all. He let you win.

Pick up your pavers for the following in cadence:

  • 20 x Paver Curls
  • 20 x Paverkins
  • 10 x Paver Squats
  • 10 x O/H Paver Claps
  • 25 x Big Boy Paver Sit-Ups

That’s it. Good work, men!

Count-a-rama: 12

Name-a-rama: 1 newly minted brother, Hermes (welcome), 2 respects, 1 hate, 8 mehs

Prayer Requests – Saban’s sister-in-law who is trying to get pregnant, Disco Duck’s father who has cancer, and Goose’s mom who is recovering from knee surgery

I enjoyed it, fellas. Thanks for allowing me to lead and being great followers. In all seriousness, I do feel for brother Callahan. As a long-suffering Wolfpack fan, I can certainly relate to the disappointment he is feeling being a Boilermaker fan right now. We even have a hashtag and Twitter handle for the concept of “NC State Sh*t” The struggle is real.

Calli, the floor is yours.