I’ve been spending my Fridays lately at Tahoe.  BRR is right around the corner, so putting those miles in.  But thats meant neglecting Flood Zone, one of my favorite AOs.  So when I got a message from Pergo asking to take the lead this morning I gladly accepted a reason to head back.   Didnt arrive with much of a plan, but plenty of work was done by all.

EC: Head to the ramp, run to the top for merkins x 10, run to bottom or ramp for merkins x 10.  Up stairwell to the top of the deck for squats x 10, bottom of stairs for squats x 10.  Repeat circuit 4x in total.  Head back to gather the rest of the PAX.

Quick warmup of SSH x 15, Good Morning x 10 and Imperial Walker x 15.  Run to the top of the deck on the backside of the mall and partner up.  P1 runs a suicide and P2 performs exercises.  Groups flapjack until pairs finish merkins x 100, squats x 200 and LBCs x 300.

Mosey to stairwell in the middle of the deck for Jack Webbs (1:2 ratio) of Irkins and Dips.  Up to 6 and back down to 1 irkins.

Wasnt sure what to do at this point so ran around for a bit, switched directions and headed over to the base of the big ramp.  P1 runs up ramp makes a U-turn and heads for the far stairwell, down the stairs and back to base of ramp while P2 cycles through merkins x 5, squats x 10  and LBCs x 15.  Switch and repeato til both partners run 5 times.

Head back to launch and thats all she wrote.

Announcements:  Arena today with client lead bootcamp / Haven House next week and cornhole tournament / mud run

Prayer requests and closed out in prayer by Elsinore.

-RM out