20 PAX set out to run…and run…and run.  This was to get Blindside out of his comfort zone and was dubbed the “anti Blindside workout” by, well, Blindside.  A quick run to the tennis courts and we began.


WMH x 10

Windmill x 10

squats x 10

merkins x 10

MC x 10

Merkins x 10


We were then off.  The PAX started with a warm up suicide across all six tennis courts.  Another suicide ensued with merkins x 10 on court 1, squats x 10 on court 2, jump lunges x 10 on court 3, box jumps x10 on court 4, LBC x 10 on court 5, and burpees x 10 on court 6.  We then took a break for dips x 15, derkins x 12, dips x 12, and urkins x 12.  Luckily there was time still left for another full suicide.  Mary was performed with LBCs, an Assissi ring of fire, and of course Bushwood’s flutters.  Prancing Horse inspired us with a closing prayer.  Thanks to all that were there this morning and prayers for those who weren’t.  Enjoy a great weekend, and pull the Blue Devils on.

2 Ply