Cities burning, racial strife, kids with cancer, death, sickness, everywhere you look it seems like the world wants to do nothing but eat itself.  Yet, each morning, we seem to get up with a hope that there is something innately good all around us (though sometimes not till after the workout), that in some way things are going to ultimately be okay.  And, if we are lucky and wise, we keep moving forward in that hope.  16 showed up this morning to continue that drive.  We push each other hard out in the gloom, the same way that we push one another in life, because we know that the only time we’ll truly be still is when it’s over, and none of us is ready for that quite yet.  YHC is indescribably thankful for the push of F3 and is continually humbled to be a part of this group.  Keep moving forward brothers, and help push those who would otherwise lose hope.

Here’s what we did today:


Mosey up to field beside dam

Warm Up COP: SSH 20x – Imperial Walker 20x – Windmill 10x – Good Morning 10x – Squats 20 x – Mountain Climbers 20x – Merkins 10x

Indian Run to bridge

Bridge Work

  • Irkins 50x
  • Squats 40x
  • Derkins 30x

Mosey to upper lot

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to top of lot for….


  • Merkin
  • Jump Lunge
  • Diamond
  • Star Jump
  • Wide Grip
  • Burpees

Mosey back to bridge

Bridge Work

  • Irkins 30x
  • Squats 20x
  • Derkins 10x

Indian run back to warm up field


  • Russian Hammers 50x
  • WW2 Situps 15x



  • Prayer for the sick
  • Thanksgiving Convergence at Dawn Patrol 0700
  • Flood Zone Friday at Laurel Hills 0630
    • No Wolf Run or Juggernaut
  • Tell a friend about F3